Consultations and Fees

The Federal Government has made provisions, for the next four years, to allow all patients receiving psychological treatment under a General Practitioner Mental Health Care Plan (GP MHCP) to have access to Telehealth sessions with their treating psychologist. As such, Linda Bennett Psychology therapy sessions are available in-person or through tele-communications (Zoom, Facetime or telephone call). Neuropsychological testing sessions must be done face to face. 

We currently have waitlists for both therapy and neuropsychological services. If you would like to be added to the waitlists, please submit an enquiry. Amy McKenna has recently joined the practice and has availability to see new patients. 

Counselling and Therapy Sessions - The fee for an appointment with Linda Bennett is $220 (GST inclusive). Therapy sessions with Dr Lei Gryffydd are $200 (GST inclusive). Sessions with Amy McKenna are $180 (GST inclusive). Sessions generally last 55 minutes. There are a limited number of after hours appointments available, including evenings and on Saturdays.

In order to be eligible for the Medicare rebate ($131.65 for sessions with Linda Bennett; $89.65 for Dr Lei Gryffydd and Amy McKenna), you will need to obtain a referral from your GP as part of the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. The Medicare rebate covers an initial six sessions per year. With further GP reviews, patients can obtain up to an additional 14 sessions per year. Find out more information here. This means out of pocket costs per session with Linda are $88.35, $110.35 with Lei and $90.35 with Amy. We require a copy of this referral prior to your appointment. 

Neuropsychological Assessments -  Neuropsychology assessments are not typically covered by Medicare and therefore do not have a rebate. Dr Lei offers an initial consultation (55 minutes) and screening to ensure neuropsychological testing is required. The fee for the initial consultation is $220 (payable at the appointment). The cost of the assessment varies depending on the type of assessment. Please contact us to obtain a schedule of fees. Dr Lei offers a concession rate for trans and gender diverse patients. 

Private health insurance – Private health funds offer different rebates depending in your insurance plan. Please contact your fund directly to discuss the available rebate.

Other Providers:

  • WorkSafe requires a GP referral and accepted WorkCover claim number
  • TAC requires a GP referral and accepted TAC claim number
  • NDIS requires a support package and current reference number
  • DVA requires a GP referral and either a Gold card or White card for accepted condition
  • VOCAT requires a counselling application approved by the Tribunal

Eligible patients under WorkSafe, TAC, VOCAT and DVA incur an out of pocket fee of $55 per session. 

Private payment A GP referral is not needed by individuals who wish to pay for sessions without the Medicare rebate and there no restrictions on the number of sessions.

Supervision - For clinical and forensic registrars and psychologists seeking clinical/forensic supervision from Linda Bennett, the fee is $200 per hour. 

Cancellation & Non-attendance Fees - We require 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment.  This provides us with adequate time to offer the appointment to those on our waitlists and ensures appointments can be given to others in need of assistance.  Late cancellation fees will be charged if less than 48 hours notice is provided. Non-attendances prevent other patients from attending the appointment and will incur the full session fee. Extenuating circumstances may be considered at the psychologist's discretion. 

Please note that appointments must be prearranged. This can be done by contacting the practice. The practice is located a short walk from Alphington train station.